Armie Hammer’s personal correspondence confused Internet users


The user “investigation” continues.

Recently, screenshots of messages appeared on the web, which, according to rumors, belong to the American actor, famous for the role of twins in the movie “The Social Network”, Armie Hammer. Users believe that the celebrity’s personal information has been leaked, but some have tried to find facts proving that these messages are fake.

It is currently unclear which information is real and which is not. Now this topic is being actively discussed on Twitter, based on pictures of personal correspondence with a woman on Instagram. In one of the messages, the actor confesses to his friend that he is “100% cannibal”.

This information instantly went viral, filling the Internet. There are active discussions on social networks. Users find out, as far as possible, ask each other: “Is Armie Hammer a vampire?” Already on this basis, conjectures appear: “I decided that Armie Hammer killed before and will do it again”, “Armie Hammer has a harem, and supposedly he drinks blood.”

One of the readers tried to analyze the screenshots of the correspondence that became public and admitted that he could not understand how real they were. According to him, on the one hand, they look edited and fake, and on the other – very natural, as “abnormal” as the person who supposedly wrote them.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Galina Skozlovskaya

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