Artem Lobov told in what weight his fight with Berinchik will take place


BKFC fighter promotion fighter Artem Lobov said that his fight against Ukrainian lightweight Denis Berinchik will take place within the 64 kg weight category.

“The weight class will be 64 kg. For me this is the first time, this is the lowest weight. Before that I fought at 65.7 kg or 145 lbs. Here it will be 64 kg, and there are several reasons for this. First, I tried to switch for a long time. into boxing and get some kind of fight. ”Adding one more weight class, more chances becomes.

Plus, I add such a weight, which is now very interesting in boxing, where Ryan Garcia, Jervonta Davis (in fact, these boxers are still in lightweight – up to 61.2 kg – approx.). Maybe you won’t be able to hack to death with them right away, but when they fight each other and someone loses, it will be possible to fight the loser. I think it would be a very high-profile event, and you can make good money on it. So what I do with this in mind, “- said Artem Lobov in an interview with the resource” Big Kush “.

We will remind, Lobov also said that Berinchik will not be able to cause him serious damage.

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