Assassination attempt on Libya’s Interior Minister Fathi Baschagha


Fathi Baschagha has declared war on criminals in Tripoli. Shortly afterwards, attackers open fire on Bashagha’s convoy in the west of the city. A man dies in the attack.

Libya’s Interior Minister Fathi Baschagha survived an attack in the capital Tripoli unharmed. Several gunmen opened fire from an armored vehicle on Bashagha’s column of vehicles in the west of the city. The bodyguards of the minister returned fire, killed one of the attackers and arrested two, said a person close to the politician.

An advisor to the Ministry of Health also described the incident on Twitter. One of Bashagha’s bodyguards was also injured.

Baschagha announced action plan against militias and gangs

Baschagha had previously announced a new deployment of the security forces to free Tripoli from militias, criminal gangs and smugglers. These continue to exert a great influence in the city. However, the plan had sparked criticism because Bashagha is said to have not discussed the operation with Prime Minister Fajis al-Sarradsch or the Ministry of Defense.

Shortly before the attack, Baschagha met the head of the NOC state oil company, Mustafa Sanalla. According to a tweet from Bashaghas, the two had spoken about security in the oil sector and about distributing the wealth of the oil-rich country fairly.

Transitional government under UN supervision

Civil war broke out in Libya after long-term ruler Muammar al-Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011. After the failed offensive on Tripoli ordered by General Chalifa Haftar, there have been no major skirmishes since June 2020 and a ceasefire has been in effect since October.

Baschagha belongs to the internationally recognized Libyan government. She is currently trying to form a transitional government under UN supervision that will unite all factions in the civil war. In Libya, various factions have been fighting each other for years, some of which are supported from abroad.

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