Assumed proximity to terrorism: Trump incites against Muslim MPs

Assumed proximity to terrorism: Trump incites against Muslim MPs

The US Democrat Ilhan Omar has repeatedly been the target of a verbal attack by Donald Trump. The President accuses it of “hating” the United States. The distribution of a tweet by Trump has already made the Muslim woman fear for her life.

US President Donald Trump has again sharply attacked US Congressman Ilhan Omar, who is from Somalia. If his challenger Joe Biden were to be elected in early November, immigration from countries with many terrorists – including Syria and Somalia – would increase sharply, Trump claimed at a campaign rally in Michigan.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar fled Somalia with her family as a child.

(Photo: REUTERS)

“You know, when I think of Somalia, I think of Omar. Ilhan Omar,” Trump said amid the boos of the crowd and went on to say that the Muslim representative hates the United States. “She likes telling us how to run our country, isn’t that nice?” He added. Omar, who fled Somalia with her family to the United States as a child, has been publicly and verbally attacked by Trump on several occasions, along with other left-wing Democratic MPs.

Last year, she accused Trump of putting her life at risk by spreading a tweet. The president shared a message claiming that Omar celebrated and danced on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. She was then violently attacked on the Internet. The MP had made it clear that the broadcast video was not recorded on September 11, but days later.

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