At the Human Rights Watch pillory: Trump is a “disaster for human rights”


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Trump is a “disaster for human rights”

The fact that Donald Trump does not get a good testimonial from the human rights organization is not surprising: the list of violations that Human Rights Watch holds up to him and the United States is long and a devastating testimony for the current president. But Germany also has “a serious problem” as a result.

Human Rights Watch has denounced numerous serious human rights abuses by the administration of US President Donald Trump. “Donald Trump was a disaster for human rights,” wrote HRW boss Kenneth Roth in the organization’s annual report published on Wednesday. Domestically, the US president disregarded his duty to protect people who have fled from violence and dangers, and his policies tore children and parents apart while on the run.

Trump has also strengthened right-wing extremists, undermined democracy, stoked hatred against minorities and was responsible for the lifting of legal protection for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people. “He also closed his eyes to systemic racism among the police,” said Roth, referring to killings such as that of the African American George Floyd, which led to the largest anti-racism protests in the United States in decades. The fundamental unequal treatment was also shown in the Corona crisis, from which blacks and other minorities suffered significantly more.

Call on new US President Biden

Human Rights Watch is therefore demanding that the new US President Joe Biden not only reverse the US government policy of the past four years, but also set important course for the future. As much human rights policy as possible had to be poured into legal texts in order to prevent future US administrations from repeating human rights.

The dominance of the Democrats in the US Congress, however, is unlikely to be sufficient to achieve the necessary two-thirds majority in the Senate for the ratification of internationally binding human rights treaties.

Criticism of Germany

Human Rights Watch’s traditional annual report covers Germany as well as dozens of other countries. The human rights organization particularly emphasized the racially motivated attack in Hanau in February. “Crimes based on right-wing extremist and anti-Semitic ideology are still a serious problem” in Germany, the report concludes.

Protests against the federal government’s corona measures also attracted people with neo-Nazi ideology and anti-Semitic views.

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