Authorities wait for the green light: Tiger Woods’ cause of the accident remains a secret


Authorities are waiting for the green light
Tiger Woods’ cause of the accident remains a secret

Golf star Tiger Woods sustains serious injuries in a traffic accident. One month later, the cause of the accident is clarified. For data protection reasons, however, the public will not find out about it – unless the professional athlete grants permission.

The police investigation into the horror crash of Tiger Woods has been completed, the cause of the accident has been clarified, but the findings are apparently not published. This is reported by the US celebrity portal “TMZ”. Accordingly, there are “data protection problems”.

A spokesman for the police in Los Angeles County confirmed to “TMZ” that the investigation has now ended and a cause of the accident has been determined. However, without the star golfer giving the green light, they do not want to publish any details about the course of events. A request is already underway, the spokesman continued. Only when Woods waives his confidentiality rights will the authorities be able to disclose “all information regarding the accident”.

Tiger Woods ran his car off the road in California on February 23 and rolled over several times. He then had to undergo emergency surgery. After the accident, he is said to have told rescuers that he did not remember the exact course of the accident. He was not found to have any drugs or alcohol after a blood test. The golfer was recovering from a back operation at the time of the accident.

The professional golfer had just returned to his home in Florida a week ago. “Tiger is happy to be at home,” describes an insider to “People”. “He’s still recovering and in pain, but he’s in a good mood.” The successful golfer is currently focusing on a rehab plan and knows that he is “lucky to be still alive”. He is said to have been particularly happy to see his children Charlie and Sam again. “They were in contact while he was in the hospital, but he was happy to see you then.”

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