Avril Lavigne bursts into TikTok with Tony Hawke

Avril Lavigne bursts into TikTok with Tony Hawke

The singer and skater delighted fans who grew up listening to Avril songs and Hawk video games.

Avril Lavigne was extremely popular in the early 2000s. She managed to combine pop music with a touch of punk. A whole generation of rebels grew up on her songs.

Avril Lavigne bursts into TikTok with Tony Hawke

Tony Hawk is the star of American skateboarding. But all over the world he became known not for his brilliant tricks, but for playing with his name in the title. Tony Hawks Pro Skater has been flirting with holes even by those who are not at all interested in this sport. Games were also popular in the 2000s.

And so two legends met – Avril Lavigne opened an account on TikTok, where she posted the first video. Her video partner was Tony Hawk, who showed a couple of tricks on camera.

“Old school has brought together”, – Russian-speaking users comment on the video.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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