“Away from strangers”: mysterious column disappears without a trace


“Away from strangers”
Mysterious column disappears without a trace

Is it an alien mark or the work of a deceased artist? The accidentally discovered monolith in the Utah desert is causing wild speculation. But as mysteriously as the pillar appeared, it now disappears again. The authorities are at a loss.

A mysterious metal pillar that caused much speculation after its discovery in a desert in the US state of Utah has apparently disappeared again. The Utah Land Administration said a “credible report” said the monolith was removed by strangers on Friday night.

The authority emphasized that they had not removed the column because it was “private property”. According to its own information, the Land Administration Office is not responsible for investigations. It referred to the local police department.

The three and a half meter high metal column was discovered by chance from the air last week in the middle of red rocks in southern Utah during a sheep count. The discovery led to diverse speculations on the Internet about the originator and meaning of the object – from the work of aliens to fans of science fiction films to a reset button for the Corona year 2020. Some observers suspected that the column could be a work of US artist John McCracken who died in 2011 and who had lived in nearby New Mexico for some time.

The US authorities had not disclosed the exact location of the column in order to keep onlookers away. However, a user of the online platform Reddit was able to determine the location based on the rock formations in the background. He shared a Google Earth location with a small structure on it. According to the internet user, the column can be seen for the first time on satellite images from 2016.

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