Badoo Jack on Mayweather vs. Paul: “Logan is a big and young guy, but he can’t fight.”

Badoo Jack on Mayweather vs. Paul: “Logan is a big and young guy, but he can’t fight.”

Former world champion in two weight categories, Swede Badu Jack shared his opinion on the upcoming fight between the legendary American Floyd Mayweather and the famous video blogger Logan Paul. Jack believes that Logan will have the advantage in size and physical strength, but still will not be able to cope with Floyd’s prowess.

“Floyd is significantly smaller than Logan. His biggest weight is probably 150 pounds. But there are still skill levels in boxing, so I don’t think the difference in weight will play a key role. I mean, Paul is a big and young guy, but he doesn’t know how to fight. So don’t worry about size, ”Jack said.

Note that recently Mayweather has been criticized for organizing exhibition fights. Jack disagrees with critics and believes that such events have a positive effect on modern boxing.

“This is a new era for boxing. It’s fun. Many legendary boxers such as Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Oscar De La Hoya have done show fights. So why can’t Floyd put on a show like this and make tons of money? So I support that idea, ”added Jack.

Recall that Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul will have an exhibition fight on June 6th at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, USA. As for Badu Jack, he will meet with the undefeated Venezuelan Dervin Colina as part of the same boxing evening.

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