Badu Jack easily defeated Derwin Colina

Badu Jack easily defeated Derwin Colina

A few minutes ago, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, USA, the fight between the ex-world champion in two weight categories of the Swede Badu Jack and Venezuelan Dervin Colina ended.

In the starting three-minute, the rivals devoted more time to reconnaissance, but at the same time Jack pressed his opponent, squeezing him to the ropes. In the second round, the fighters raised the pace a little, while Badu had the initiative, Dervin acted as the second number, but sometimes he punched into the meeting, and in dangerous situations he escaped in the clinch. In the second and third rounds, the referee took off the Venezuelan on a ball for dirty actions.

At the beginning of the fourth round, Badu knocked down Colin twice. Dervin managed to recover and even go on the attack, but towards the end of the three-minute he was again knocked down, after hitting the body. This time Colina refused to continue the fight.

Result of the fight: Victory of Badu Jack by TKO in the fourth round.

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