Badu Jack: “Pascal should be banned from boxing for life!”

Badu Jack: “Pascal should be banned from boxing for life!”

Former double-weight world champion Badu Jack commented on the recent news that Jean Pascal failed another doping test, this time testing positive for erythropoietin.

“It just proves that he is a piece of shit and that he should be banned from boxing for life, in my opinion,” Jack said. “They should change the rules to at least suspend a person for five years when they fail the first time. But in this particular case, they should be suspended for life.

If I’m right, six boxers died in the ring before the pandemic began. I’m trying to say here that this is not football, and not a game. You can die inside the ring. So it’s not surprising that I’m slightly pissed off. The last time I beat him, he was on steroids. This is probably the reason why he decided to use even more steroids. But, of course, I am confused that I was not credited with a victory. I don’t care about money. And I don’t care about the title. I just want to change the result, recognizing my victory, even though I already know that I beat him. “

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