“Be careful what you wish for”


The US President is using a visit to the Wall in Mexico to warn the Democrats. The US judiciary is counting on hundreds of indictments following the storm on the Capitol. All information in the news blog.

On January 20, Joe Biden is named 46th President of the United States. Donald Trump assured the Democrats a peaceful handover. However, following the storming of his supporters on the Capitol in Washington, a debate arose in the United States about the sanity of the elected president. The Democrats want to remove him before the end of his term in office.

Trump to Democrats: Be careful what you want

The elected US President Donald Trump used an appearance on the wall on the US southern border with Mexico for a gloomy warning to the Democrats and the future US President Joe Biden. Measures that are now being taken against him would fall back on them, Trump threatened on Tuesday in the Alamo, Texas. “The 25th Amendment is zero risk to me, but it will come back and afflict Joe Biden and the Biden administration.” He added, “Be careful what you wish for.”

On the basis of the 25th Amendment, the Vice President of the United States can declare the President, with a majority of key cabinet members, incapable of continuing the office of President. The Democrats have put pressure on Vice President Mike Pence to apply this amendment.

Trump also used the opportunity to praise the construction of the wall. “I kept my promises,” he said. The building of the wall was a “great achievement”. The future government shouldn’t even think about tearing down the wall again, he warned.

After storming the Capitol, prosecutor expects hundreds of charges

The US judiciary is expecting hundreds of criminal cases after the storming of the Capitol by militant supporters of President Donald Trump. Prosecutor Michael Sherwin said Tuesday in the capital Washington, individual perpetrators could be tried for crimes such as “riot” and “conspiracy”. Will be investigated because of offenses for up to 20 years imprisonment.

So far, more than 170 suspects have been identified, 70 of whom have been formally accused, Sherwin said. “Hundreds” of procedures are to be expected.

The prosecutor described the extent of the investigation as “unprecedented in the history of the FBI and probably also the Department of Justice”. The investigation into the attack would take a long time: “That will not be resolved in the coming weeks or months.”

US Secretary of State Pompeo cancels last visit to Europe

The outgoing US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has canceled his last trip abroad. As his office announced on Tuesday, Pompeo wants to support a “smooth transition” to the future government of Democrat Joe Biden. For this reason, a visit to NATO in Brussels planned for Wednesday was canceled. The Reuters news agency, however, citing insiders, reported that the Europeans gave Pompeo the cold shoulder.

Pompeo originally wanted to meet with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday evening. A meeting with Belgium’s Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmès was planned for Thursday.

A visit to Pompeo’s counterpart Jean Asselborn in Luxembourg will also not take place, as a Luxembourg government representative confirmed to the AFP news agency. The “New York Times” had previously reported on the cancellation of the visit to Asselborn. Luxembourg’s foreign minister had described US President Donald Trump as “criminals” and “political pyromaniacs” after the storming of the Capitol by rampaging Trump supporters.

Trump: impeachment proceedings are “absolutely ridiculous”

US President Donald Trump has commented on the impeachment process sought by the Democrats. It was “absolutely ridiculous,” he told journalists on Tuesday. Because of the procedure, he also sees great anger in the country. The Democratic advance in the House of Representatives was a continuation of the witch hunt against him, said the Republican.

The most recent measures taken by the big technology corporations also caused an anger he’d never seen before. “I don’t want any violence,” he said shortly before leaving for Texas, where he was supposed to inspect the border wall. When asked if he was complicit in storming the Capitol last week, Trump said his words were “perfectly appropriate”.

Critics give the outgoing president complicity in the storm last week because of a speech, in which several people were killed. Since then, corporations like Facebook and Twitter have blocked Trump’s access to the Internet through their platforms.

The Federal Foreign Office warns against traveling to the USA

Less than a week after the storm on the Capitol in Washington, the Federal Foreign Office continues to warn Germans in the USA against violent protests – and now across the country. The security situation could change quickly at any time, especially until the new US President Joe Biden is sworn in on January 20, according to the travel advice on the Internet that was updated on Tuesday. “We have to reckon with violent protests and riots in Washington DC and across the country, especially in the metropolises and capitals of the 50 states.”

Pence doesn’t want to support Democrats

The US Democrats cannot count on the cooperation of Vice President Mike Pence in their efforts to remove the elected President Donald Trump prematurely. Pence, from whom the Democrats demand the disempowerment of the president by means of an amendment to the constitution after the riot of Trump supporters in the Capitol, sent signals of solidarity with Trump on Monday.

Pence met with Trump in the White House and then let it be known that he did not want to use the amendment. The president and his vice-president had “a good conversation” in the Oval Office, a senior government official said. Both wanted to continue “their work for the country” until the end of Trump’s term in office next Wednesday.

Read the analysis on Pence and Trump here: The betrayal.

Trump and Pence send signals of cohesion

In view of efforts to prematurely disempower Donald Trump, the elected US President and his deputy Mike Pence have sent a signal of solidarity. Trump and Pence met on Monday in the White House and had “a good conversation,” said a senior government official. Both wanted to continue “their work in favor of the country” until the end of Trump’s term in office next Wednesday.

The government official emphasized that Trump has no intention of resigning prematurely as a consequence of the riot last Wednesday at the seat of the US Congress. Pence, on the other hand, has no intention of applying the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, which allows the vice-president and cabinet to remove the president if the head of state is found incapable of office.

The current meeting between Trump and Pence was the first since the storming of the Capitol. Both had affirmed their view “that those who broke the law and stormed the Capitol last week do not stand for the America First movement.” “America first” was the motto of the four-year Trump presidency. With this announcement, Trump again distanced himself from the rioters.

Stricter security precautions for Biden’s inauguration

As a result of the storming of the Capitol, security measures will be tightened again before the inauguration of the new US President Joe Biden. The National Guard will gather up to 15,000 soldiers in the capital Washington to support the local security forces around the event on January 20, the chief of the force, General Daniel Hokanson, said on Monday in an interview with the news channel CNN. Read more here.

Executive Secretary of Homeland Security throws down

In the midst of the turmoil following the attack on the Capitol by supporters of US President Donald Trump, the acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf also throws down. Several US media reported unanimously on Monday evening (local time) that Wolf had announced his withdrawal internally. There was initially no official statement. The departure comes just days before the end of Trump’s term in office. Read more here.

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