Because of Donald Trump’s veto: Millions of US citizens without unemployment benefits


Trump does not want to sign the latest Corona stimulus package. He wants to reopen the non-partisan compromise. Millions of unemployed are the victims of the political dispute.

Millions of Americans lost their right to unemployment benefits over the weekend because incumbent US President Donald Trump has so far blocked an economic stimulus package. The package of measures decided by both parties in Congress, worth around 900 billion US dollars (about 740 billion euros), provides for, among other things, the payment of higher unemployment benefits until March and the extension of existing benefits.

US President-elect Joe Biden said it was irresponsible that “millions of families” “do not know whether they will make ends meet” immediately after Christmas because of Trump’s refusals. Trump’s irresponsible actions will have “devastating consequences” for the country amid the Corona crisis, warned Biden on Saturday.

Trump demands more money – party against

The stimulus package stipulates that most citizens will receive a one-off aid payment of 600 dollars. However, Trump is calling for, among other things, an increase in the payment to $ 2,000 per capita and has therefore so far refused to put the law into force with his signature. Trump’s Republicans in the House of Representatives opposed such an increase on Thursday. There shouldn’t be a majority in the Senate either.

“Republicans must stop playing games while Americans are starving,” said Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren on Twitter on Saturday.

Millions affected by Trump’s veto

As a result of the Corona crisis, around 20.4 million people in the USA recently received some form of unemployment benefit, almost 19 million more than at the same time in 2019. Due to different programs and deadlines, estimates assume that the aid will now be available for around ten to twelve Millions of recipients have expired. However, should a new legal regulation come into force at a later date, most of them should receive support again. Unemployment benefits in the USA are usually relatively low and limited in time.

Despite the expiry of certain corona aid, Trump formally has until the beginning of January to put the legislative package into force with his signature or to veto. With the economic stimulus package lashed down in tough negotiations, however, part of the federal government’s budget of around 1.4 trillion dollars was also passed. A law on the interim financing of the business will expire on Monday. If Trump does not sign the legislative package by then, there would be a so-called shutdown. Here you can read more about it.

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