Because of “superspreader events”: Biden: Trump endangers human life

Because of “superspreader events”: Biden: Trump endangers human life

While Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, some people crowd in front of the stage without a mask, his challenger in the presidential campaign hits him hard: Joe Biden sees a connection between Trump’s “superspreader events” and the corona figures in the USA.

US presidential candidate Joe Biden has accused incumbent Donald Trump of endangering human lives with major events in the corona pandemic. The president distributes viruses throughout the country at his “superspreader events” during the election campaign – this term refers to events that infect a particularly large number of people. “He says it’s coming to an end, that (the virus) will go away. That we will learn to live with it. No, he expects that we will learn to die with it,” Biden called to his supporters in Coconut Creek, Florida, near Miami to. In addition to germs, Trump also spreads division and discord.

Trump was also giving a campaign speech in contested Florida at the same time. At the event in Tampa, as in the past few days, thousands of people, some without masks and huddled together in front of the stage. Biden, on the other hand, appeared before a much smaller crowd, as in the past. There were around 200 cars in front of his stage – the organizers asked the occupants to always stay close to their car in order to comply with the rules of distance. Trump also said once again that the Biden events were so small not because of Corona, but because nobody wanted to go there. “I think how many people come, that’s the ultimate poll – and based on that, we’ll win on Tuesday.”

In regular surveys, Biden is often ahead – also because of the dissatisfaction of many Americans with Trump’s handling of the corona crisis. The pandemic killed more than 225,000 people in the United States. Trump claims that his crisis management may have prevented millions of deaths. Biden, on the other hand, accuses Trump of failure in the Corona crisis and accuses him of being responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of US citizens. Trump himself tested positive for the corona virus at the beginning of the month and was treated in hospital for his Covid 19 disease. After returning to the election campaign, the president called on Americans to “not be afraid” of the virus.

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