Before the pro-Trump demo in Washington: Capital city ban for “Proud Boys” leaders


Vor Pro-Trump-Demo in Washington
Capital ban for “Proud Boys” leaders

Shortly before a pro-Trump event in Washington, the police arrested the leader of the “Proud Boys”. Although the boss of the Trump supporters is at large again – he still has to leave the US capital for a long time.

Before a demonstration by supporters of the elected US President Donald Trump, the leader of the right-wing radical group “Proud Boys” has to leave Washington. A judge in the US capital released Henry “Enrique” Tarrio, as US media reported. The 36-year-old from Miami was ordered to stay away from Washington until his next court hearing on June 8th.

The police arrested Tarrio on the Monday after his arrival in Washington because of an arrest warrant for property damage against him. Court records indicate that Tarrio is alleged to have been involved in the burning of a “Black Lives Matter” banner that was stolen from a church on the sidelines of a pro-Trump demonstration last month.

Tarrio had frankly admitted the act in an interview with the Washington Post. According to police, Tarrio also carried two firearm magazines with him when he was arrested, which is illegal in Washington.

Meanwhile, Trump announced that he would personally address his supporters during the protests against the election results planned for Wednesday near the White House. “I’m going to speak at the Save America demonstration tomorrow,” the Republican wrote on Twitter. Two hours later, the US Congress wants to meet to certify the results of the presidential election in the states on November 3.

According to the official results of the states, the Democrat Joe Biden has clearly won the election. Trump sticks to his unsubstantiated claims that Biden could only have won through massive fraud.

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