Beloved Zac Efron “changed his life for the better”


The artist lives with his beloved in Australia.

Actor, star of “Dad 17 Again” Zac Efron has been living in Australia for about a year and is dating a girl named Vanessa. Edition E! With reference to sources close to the artist, he tells how much the relationship influenced the life of the actor.

According to the interlocutor E !, Efron has a great time in the company of his beloved.

“He is very happy to be with Vanessa and live in Australia. It changed his life for the better, ”says the insider.

He also noted that lovers try to actively spend their free time and often arrange parties.

“They love to travel the countryside and are very adventurous. They love to ski, surf and hang out with his and her friends. They spend a lot of time outdoors just relaxing. She quit her job to be able to travel with him, ”says a source close to Efron.

Recall that Zack and Vanessa met last July, when the girl worked as a waitress in one of the local cafes. Between them, communication began, which grew into a romantic relationship, which is why Efron even moved to Australia. Since then, according to the media, the artist spends all the time in the company of the chosen one.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Andrey Chapygin

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