Bernard Hopkins: “In the fight between Alvarez and Charlo, experience will be on Canelo’s side”


Former world champion Bernard Hopkins believes that Jermall Charlo and Saul Alvarez compare favorably with other boxers, primarily in that they take a responsible approach to their life’s business and even when they do not fight because of a pandemic, they still keep themselves in great shape. … Such an attitude to oneself bears fruit – both of these fighters can be safely called the strongest boxers in their weight categories. Bernard Hopkins does not lose hope that soon they will meet in a head-to-head duel.

“Experience should be on Canelo’s side. In terms of achievements at the moment, he also has an advantage, here one cannot even argue. It is what it is”.

“On paper, Canelo has a minimal edge. But the final alignment is often influenced by people who bet on this or that fighter, journalists and experts, ”Hopkins estimates the pre-match quotes. “Look at how confident Charlo is. You see how he has grown as a fighter. I notice it too. “

“How did this pandemic affect the 30-year-old fighter, or at least the one in his 30s, even though he looks young? A lot of people this year are just sitting around. If anyone survives this pandemic in any weight category, especially middleweight, it is the one who can make the necessary adjustments to the training process and will fight as if nothing had happened. “

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