Bernard Hopkins is confident that De La Hoya can defeat Golovkin: “Gennady is declining every year”


Legendary American boxer Bernard Hopkins believes that 47-year-old Oscar De La Hoya would even now beat IBF middleweight world champion Gennady Golovkin.

“As I understand it, why Oscar believes in his victory and knows that he can defeat Golovkin? Because GGG is declining every year. Golovkin has only his blow left. If you level his blow from the starting bell to the final round, you will win victory, despite the fact that you will swim in the pool with sharks.If Oscar returned, and my word meant something, then I would advise him to fight with Golovkin.

GGG has always had and will only have a punch. But his decline continues, even in the last fight. Don’t be fooled by this fight. Of course, Golovkin will be a member of the Hall of Fame, he deserves his place. However, the clever De La Hoya saw all the styles and was in the ring with more talented fighters. Oscar will find the keys and knowing that he has the right plan, good condition and experience, he will win by unanimous decision, “- said Bernard Hopkins in an interview with YouTube channel Fight Hub TV.

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