Bernard Hopkins: “Our company still finds it difficult to come to terms with the loss of Canelo”


Former world champion Bernard Hopkins believes that despite Saul Alvarez’s departure from the Golden Boy promotion company, they don’t have to become enemies. The American hopes that Canelo understands that Hopkins has always wanted the best for him, and the conflict between a fighter and a promoter is almost an integral part of an athlete’s life and a natural period through which most boxers go.

“As for me, Bernard Hopkins, there is no such person who could say that he could control me or did it successfully. This is not true. I have my own brains, my own opinion and Oscar knows it, and Eric Gomez knows it, and Robert Diaz, everyone with whom I dealt knows. The loss of Canelo cannot be underestimated. It is sad not to have this athlete, an athlete whose mind is ready for big challenges. There is no way to say that this was done easily. It’s still difficult for me to come to terms with this. But I believe that Canelo respects and understands me from the point of view of a fighter. “

“I speak as a boxer, but I play the role of a promoter. I will put it this way – the promoter does not determine what a fighter will achieve in his career. If that were the case, I would have achieved nothing. I don’t like 99.9 percent of the promoters in the past and now. I have not changed much with age, even though now I have a gray beard. “

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