Biden fires high government officials from Trump’s time

Biden fires high government officials from Trump’s time

US President Joe Biden has resigned a senior government official because he refused to resign. Andrew Saul had been brought into the office of Social Security Commissioner by predecessor Trump.

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The American Social Security Commissioner Andrew Saul was fired by the American President on Friday (local time) according to US media reports. He had previously refused to resign himself. Saul had been entrusted with the management of the social security agency by Donald Trump.

In the US, it is common for senior officials to leave office after a change of power. The deputy head of the Social Security Agency, David Black, did too, but his boss didn’t want to take that step – Biden had to act.

And the president did not hold back with the grounds for resignation. Saul had politicized and undermined social security activities for the disabled, stopped the remote work measures used by 25 percent of employees and opposed further projects that were ordered by the current president.

Her successor is Kilolo Kijakazi, who is currently responsible for retirement and disability policy.

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