Biden is considering compulsory vaccination for all government employees

Biden is considering compulsory vaccination for all government employees

The number of new infections in the USA is increasing and the vaccination campaign is stalling. The US government is therefore looking into compulsory vaccination for all government employees. It is already in force in a federal authority.

The US government is considering introducing compulsory corona vaccination for its more than two million employees. “This is currently being investigated,” said US President Joe Biden when a journalist asked about mandatory vaccination for federal employees. “But if you are not vaccinated, then you are not nearly as intelligent as I thought,” said Biden on Tuesday (local time) during a visit to the office of the intelligence coordinator (ODNI).

The Democrat Biden has spoken out against a general compulsory vaccination. The vaccination campaign in the USA is now on the spot – despite an abundance of vaccines and many vaccination incentives. Politically, however, even a vaccination requirement that is limited to government employees could become a sensitive issue: Many Republicans are likely to reject this as an encroachment on individual freedom. If vaccinations become a political bone of contention, it will be even more difficult to convince critical or reluctant Republican supporters to get vaccinated.

Compulsory at the first major federal authority

The Ministry of Veterans only announced on Monday that the medical staff at the hospitals for the former military personnel now have to be vaccinated against the corona virus. Doctors, dentists, nurses, and other medical workers have eight weeks to get the injections. The order was the first mandatory vaccination of a major federal authority. According to the scientific service of the congress, the federal ministries and authorities employed almost 2.2 million civilians in 2020.

In the metropolis of New York and the most populous US state of California, city and state employees will have to be vaccinated against corona in the future. Employees who have not been vaccinated must be tested regularly for a corona infection.

In the United States, only 49 percent of the population of around 330 million people have been fully vaccinated to date. Most recently, the number of daily new corona infections rose again to almost 50,000 on average because of the particularly contagious Delta variant.

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