Biden puts pressure: one in ten people in the United States is vaccinated


Biden puts pressure on
One in ten people in the United States is vaccinated

Since taking office, President Joe Biden has been pushing the accelerator on the US vaccination campaign. This is also shown by the numbers: meanwhile, one in ten people in the country has received at least the first vaccination. With more money, the pace should be increased.

In the USA, one in ten people is now vaccinated against the corona virus. Of the approximately 330 million inhabitants, almost 33.8 million received at least the first dose of the vaccine, as data from the CDC health authority showed. 10.5 million have already received both doses. A total of 66 million cans have been delivered to the states since the end of last year, of which almost 45 million have already been used.

The new president Joe Bidens is putting a lot of pressure on the vaccination campaign. Since taking office around three weeks ago, the government has increased vaccine deliveries to the states by 28 percent to 11 million doses per week. On average, over the past seven days, 1.5 million people were vaccinated every day, said Biden’s Corona coordinator Jeff Zients.

Employees from the Fema disaster control agency and soldiers from the US military are also on duty to further boost the vaccination campaign. Biden is also promoting another economic stimulus package that will provide additional funds for the vaccination campaign. The government expects to get around 600 million doses by the summer from the manufacturers of the previously approved vaccines alone, i.e. Biontech / Pfizer and Moderna. That would be enough to offer vaccination to virtually all adults in the United States.

Since the pandemic began a good year ago, 27.2 million confirmed corona infections have been reported in the USA. Around 470,000 people died after being infected. The number of new infections each day fell sharply from a high of around 300,000 and was now an average of 110,000 per day.

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