Biden wants Fauci as “chief medical advisor”


Donald Trump has attacked the renowned expert Anthony Fauci several times for his assessments of the Corona crisis. The newly elected President Joe Biden wants to do it differently than the incumbent.

The elected US President Joe Biden wants to make the renowned corona expert Anthony Fauci his top medical advisor. Biden told news channel CNN on Thursday that he had asked Fauci in a conversation to “be the chief medical advisor to me and part of the Covid team”.

The head of the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases is a member of the corona crisis team of the elected President Donald Trump. With his great expertise and unvarnished assessments of the corona pandemic, the 79-year-old immunologist gained great public recognition. At the same time, he repeatedly incurred the resentment of the president, who had downplayed the danger of the corona virus from the start.

Biden calls for 100 days of mask wear

Biden, who will take office on January 20, has made the fight against the corona pandemic his most pressing task. On CNN, he announced that after he was sworn in, he would call on the population to wear a protective mask for the next 100 days. “Not forever. 100 days.” This, and with vaccines, could “significantly” reduce the number of infections.

Biden also announced that he would be publicly vaccinated as soon as a vaccine is approved. “If Doctor Fauci says that we have a safe vaccine, I will be in front of the public,” said the future president and then tapped his shoulder with his hand to indicate a vaccination. “It is important to communicate to the US population that it is safe.”

Previously, the former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton had declared their willingness to be vaccinated in front of the cameras in order to promote trust in the vaccine.

America is particularly hard hit by the pandemic

In the USA, the Mainz-based biotechnology company Biontech, together with the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and the US company Moderna, have submitted applications for emergency approvals for their vaccines. Approval could take place in the coming weeks. In addition, the pharmaceutical companies Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca are expected to publish data on the effectiveness of their vaccine candidates soon.

The US government plans to vaccinate 100 million people against the coronavirus by the end of February. However, experts fear that many people would not be able to get vaccinated out of distrust of the vaccines – especially since the active ingredients were developed in record time.

The USA is currently seeing a dramatic increase in corona infections. According to the John Hopkins University, more than 14 million infections have now been confirmed and more than 275,000 people died as a result of an infection. These are by far the highest numbers in the world.

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