Biden wants to abolish North Korea’s nuclear weapons


North Korea expanded its nuclear program last year. US President Joe Biden wants to take action against it and abolish nuclear weapons. To this end, the country’s politics should first be reviewed.

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The new US administration under Joe Biden sees the abolition of North Korea’s nuclear weapons as a priority of its foreign policy. A full review of North Korea’s policy is necessary for this, said spokesman for the US State Department, Ned Price, on Friday (local time) in Washington. A coordinated approach must be achieved, especially with South Korea and Japan. That takes time. That is why there has not yet been any direct contact with North Korea.

Despite international sanctions, according to a United Nations report, North Korea further expanded its nuclear and missile program last year. The government in Pyongyang had “produced fissile material, maintained nuclear facilities and upgraded its ballistic missile infrastructure,” and continued to source materials and technology for these programs from abroad. The programs were financed with around 300 million dollars, which apparently came from cyber attacks.

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