Biden warns of Trump-like governor in California

Biden warns of Trump-like governor in California

US President Joe Biden has found clear words about the election in California. If the voters did not vote for the Democratic governor Newsom again, they would get Donald Trump, he said.

Shortly before the recall election of California’s Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, US President Joe Biden warned against a shift to the right in the US state. If voters vote to vote Newsom out, they risk a governor in the style of ex-President Donald Trump, warned the Democratic head of state on Monday (local time) at an election rally in Long Beach. “You either keep Gavin Newsom as your governor or you get Donald Trump.”

“The choice should be absolutely clear. You have a governor who has the courage to lead,” said Biden. “To vote no is to protect California from Trump.”

Right radio host as challenger

Newsom faces a recall election on Tuesday. Conservative activists who accuse the governor elected in 2018, among other things, of errors in the corona crisis management, had collected enough signatures for a so-called recall. According to surveys, the democratic politician has a good chance of surviving this. More than half of the electorate would have to vote for Newsom to be ousted, which is highly unlikely in the Democratic stronghold of California.

46 candidates are applying to succeed Newsom. His main challenger is right-wing radio host Larry Elder, who openly supported the controversial ex-President Trump. Trump is viewed extremely critically in California.

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