Biden’s German Shepherd Major receives “First Dog” lessons

Biden’s German Shepherd Major receives “First Dog” lessons

Major is the first shelter dog in the White House. However, the German Shepherd has been noticed several times with aggressive behavior. Now he should learn how a “first dog” should behave in Washington.

After aggressive behavior and a bite attack in the White House, US President Joe Biden’s younger German Shepherd is now receiving “first dog” lessons: German Shepherd Major will temporarily leave the White House to receive special training on how to become a presidential dog has behaved, as a spokesman for First Lady Jill Biden announced on Monday. The German Shepherd should be trained for a couple of weeks to get used to life in the White House.

The younger of Biden’s two Shepherds was noticed after the new US president took office in Washington in January for his aggressive behavior. In March, Major had to be briefly banned from the White House, he was sent back to Biden’s house in Wilmington, Delaware. Previously, there had been at least one bite attack by the German Shepherd in the White House. He had also jumped at employees and security personnel and barked at them.

The gentle champ is allowed to stay in the White House

Back then, Biden had told ABC that Major just wanted to protect him. The dog is frightened when he “comes around the corner in the White House and there are two people he doesn’t know”. He called Major a “cute dog”. “85 percent of the people there love him. All he does is lick them and wag his tail.” But he understands that many people are afraid of dogs right from the start. His dog has never bitten anyone or pierced the skin.

Major has had training since then, but that doesn’t seem to have been enough. Biden’s older German Shepherd, Champ, is allowed to stay in the White House. “Champ will be here,” said First Lady Jill’s spokesman.

The gentle champ has been with Biden and his wife since 2008. The Bidens took the energetic major out of the shelter in 2018 – to keep Champ young. Major is the first shelter dog in the White House, according to Biden’s team. Major made a name for itself in November after Biden broke his foot while playing with the young German shepherd.

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