Biden’s victory certified: Trump’s battle for Michigan has failed


In his attempts to somehow turn the election result around, President Trump has to accept another defeat: The Michigan electors go to Joe Biden, this has now been officially confirmed. Trump had tried in advance to influence the election commission.

The US state of Michigan has officially confirmed the result of the US presidential election with the victory of Joe Biden. The defeated President Donald Trump suffers another setback in his attempts to overturn the outcome of the November 3rd election with legal attacks. In an electoral commission meeting, streamed live on the internet, the two Democrats and one of the two Republicans voted to confirm the results. One Republican member abstained.

Michigan brings 16 votes from electoral voters who will eventually elect the president in mid-December. The appeal requires 270 votes from voters, who must vote in their states according to the result. Biden got 306 voters behind him. In Michigan, he won by a clear margin of nearly 156,000 votes.

Constitutional crisis averted

The Republicans tried to delay the official recognition of the results in Michigan with lawsuits, but failed in several attempts in court. Trump’s lawyers pursued the strategy of having the election results in several contested states completely invalid. Instead, local parliaments should then appoint electors themselves, who then vote for Trump. Experts hardly gave the plans a chance given their poor legal basis.

Last week, Trump phoned at least one Republican electoral officer in Michigan who had since refused to certify the results from a constituency. He also invited the top Republican leaders in Michigan’s state parliament to the White House. If the electoral body had ultimately followed Trump’s pressure, it could have sparked a constitutional crisis.

Biden now has 306 of the country’s 538 voters. The 78-year-old needed at least 270 voters to win. Last week, Biden’s election victory in Georgia was officially confirmed despite legal pressure from Trump. In Georgia it is also about votes from 16 voters. The Trump team has requested a recount.

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