Bieber’s wife stuck Gomez in the belt with a new photo

Bieber’s wife stuck Gomez in the belt with a new photo

Hailey Bieber appeared in an unusually bold manner.

The sexy wife of Justin Bieber, Haley, eclipsed the overweight Selena Gomez. After the musician officially broke up with the singer, every now and then they try to connect him with Selena again. Even marriage to the beautiful Hailey does not save Justin from constant shipping.

The other day, Hayley decided to declare once and for all that Gomez is not a competitor to her. Bieber did it with just one photo, in which she appeared in a dress without panties. The lack of underwear was obvious: absolutely even skin showed through the lacing.

On the web, Hayley’s appearance caused a flurry of emotions.

“No panties”, “Mega-flirt”, “Looks very happy”, “Personally, I am completely smitten”, “Hayley, you are a bomb”, “Gomez is biting his elbows”, “These chiseled shapes will drive anyone crazy” – praised star in the comments.

Photo source: Legion-media

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