Billie Eilish comments on song criticism for No Time to Die

Billie Eilish comments on song criticism for No Time to Die

James Bond fans did not immediately accept Billy as the author and performer of the main theme song of the upcoming film.

Billie Eilish comments on song criticism for No Time to Die

In a new interview with Variety magazine, Billie Eilish confessed that she was going through a “rough time” after receiving backlash for her song No Time To Die.

When it became known that the 19-year-old singer will perform the main song of the new James Bond film, not all fans of the franchise were delighted. While it was unpleasant for Billy to face such reactions from viewers, she said she understood their skeptical attitude.

“I wasn’t angry because I understand them. This is the title theme of their favorite franchise, and their reactions are understandable. I really like it when a person has an open mind. Although I myself sin in this regard. Sometimes I find out about some new idea and think: “What a stupidity. Nothing good will come of it. ” But when you open up to something new, you can change your mind: “No, I was wrong. It’s a good idea, “” Billy said. Despite the initial backlash from fans of the James Bond movie, her work was still recognized and appreciated.

Finneas, Billy’s brother and songwriter, said he had anticipated this reaction. According to him, taking on the theme of the film was “a double risk, because people often have prejudices about the artist and this prevents them from evaluating the result.”

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Author: Yana Shelekhova

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