Billie Eilish forced to excuse herself after racist accusations

Billie Eilish forced to excuse herself after racist accusations

The 19-year-old singer denied that she wanted to make fun of Asians.

Following the release of the singer’s new music video for the song Lost Cause, Billy has undergone a stream of hate due to the use of allusions to the LGBT movement in the video. The subscribers were outraged that Eilish was not a representative of this society, but due to homosexuality she decided to increase the views of the clip.

Then a video was found on the Web where Billy tries to mimic the representatives of the Asian race. Eilish calls them chinks, which is derogatory to the people of Asia. Netizens attacked the singer again and began accusing her of racism.

“Mocking Asians is disgusting,” writes one commentator.

Billy, 19, has made a public apology on Instagram Stories. The girl stated that she did not want to offend the Asians. She writes that on the provocative video she is 13-14 years old, and at that time the singer did not know the meaning of the words that she utters to Asians. She also stresses that it was just self-indulgence.

False Label: Billie Eilish Forced To Excuse After Allegations Of Racism

“I have never parodied people, language, accent or culture. It hurts me a lot to be labeled as hurting people right now, ”writes Billy.

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