Billie Eilish risked her life for a failed video

Billie Eilish risked her life for a failed video

For 8 hours, the deadly video has gained only 2 million views, which is a rarity for Eilish’s video.

Every now and then, singer Billie Eilish, who gets involved in scandals, has been severely persecuted on the web. On Friday, July 9, the performer presented to the public a new clip, shot in one shot. In the frame, Eilish herself risks her life, filming against the background of racing cars rushing past her.

All the action takes place in the dark, which greatly increases the risk of injury for Eilish. Billy herself directed such a spectacular picture in the hope that fans will appreciate what is happening.

In 8 hours, the video received only 2 million views, which, by the standards of Eilish herself, is quite small. The singer was again mercilessly criticized on the Web.

“Slid below the plinth”, “When she’s already learned to sing”, “It would seem that it’s time to get naked”, “It is more and more disappointing every day”, “It seems to me that for her now the hype is above everything else”, “I don’t know what look here, ”the fans said.

Photo source: Legion-media

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