Billy Joe Saunders: “Chris Eubank will never become a world champion”


British WBO Middleweight Champion Billy Joe Saunders rejects any possibility of a rematch with compatriot Chris Eubank Jr. According to Saunders, he sees no potential in this boxer and Eubank will never be able to become a champion.

“Chris will never become a world champion because he has no data. To do this, you have to be special. Entering the ring, you must be a little crazy. You need to be ready to give everything and at the same time not expect to receive something in return. Just enjoy the process.

A man like Chris got a good upbringing, he was taught from the very childhood to hold his hands correctly and all that, but he does not have this anger. I’m going to completely remove him from the list of potential rivals and move on. I do not rate Eubenck Jr. as a world-class boxer, ”Saunders said.

Recall that Billy Joe and Chris had a duel on November 29, 2014. Saunders won by decision.

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