Biontech founder optimistic: vaccine delivery possible in December

Biontech founder optimistic: vaccine delivery possible in December

The vaccine from the Mainz-based company Biontech is one of the beacons of hope in the fight against the corona pandemic. The company plans to quickly apply for approval for the vaccine in the USA and Europe. Ideally, founder Sahin thinks delivery of the vaccine is possible this year.

The co-founder of the vaccine developer Biontech, Ugur Sahin, considers delivery of the corona vaccine to be conceivable this year. It is “within the realms of possibility that we might be able to deliver the vaccine in December,” he said. “But everyone really has to work very, very closely and intensively.”

The vaccine developed by Biontech and the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is one of the hopes in the fight against the pandemic. Sahin thinks it is possible that the vaccine will be approved in the US or Europe “or both regions” later this year. According to the Biontech founder, if approved, up to 70 percent of the population could be vaccinated before autumn next year.

“I think if we really do a good job, and by ‘we’ I mean everyone involved – governments, various pharmaceutical companies and also vaccine logisticians – then we could get 60 to 70 percent of the population vaccinated before autumn 2021 he said. “And if we can do that, then we can have a normal winter without going into shutdown again.”

Mainz-based company Biontech and its US partner Pfizer made headlines around the world with the announcement that the clinical trial found that their vaccine candidate was more than 90 percent effective. After completing the analyzes of the last major clinical study, an effectiveness of 95 percent was confirmed according to the company.

Biontech was founded in 2008 by Sahin, his wife Özlem Türeci and the Austrian cancer researcher Christoph Huber. Two years ago, the company signed a collaboration agreement with Pfizer, which was expanded to include a vaccine search in March of this year in view of the coronavirus pandemic. Biontech received aid from the German government amounting to 375 million euros for the research.

The US, EU and other countries have already pre-ordered hundreds of millions of doses of the Pfizer Biontech vaccine. The company expects to be able to produce 50 million cans this year. There are currently twelve vaccine candidates worldwide in the third and final phase of clinical trials, in which their effectiveness will be tested on tens of thousands of subjects.

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