black actress “Anne Boleyn” accused viewers of bias

black actress “Anne Boleyn” accused viewers of bias

For more than a week, the public has been outraged by the choice of Jodie Turner-Smith for the lead role.

Jodie Turner-Smith, who played the main role in the TV series about British Queen Anne Boleyn, named those responsible for the resulting scandal. For more than a week, the public has been actively discussing the trailer, which the creators of the project released in order to stir up the viewer’s interest in the release of the project.

In turn, the audience harshly criticized the creators and Jodie Turner-Smith herself: they laughed at the actress, stating that her face merges with a black background, which is why emotions are practically invisible on it. Many were seriously surprised by the fact that the role of a real person was played by a performer who was not even a gram of a prototype.

Turner-Smith herself was silent for a long time on the topic of the voiced, and then declared: her fault in this negative is not at all.

“I understand that some people find it difficult to immerse themselves in the series, because they are too distracted,” – quotes the words of the actress RadioTimes.

Jody noted: she hopes that a more attentive audience will appreciate her in this role.

“Those who are ready to look at this story from a different angle will accept it differently,” she summed up.

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