Black man taken away by rope is suing for millions in compensation

Black man taken away by rope is suing for millions in compensation

Two riders from the US police arrested him and led him through Galvestons on a rope. Now the African American Donald Neely is suing the city. He doesn’t just want compensation for pain and suffering.

An African American who was taken away with a rope by two white police officers in the US state of Texas has sued the city of Galveston for one million dollars in compensation. The man’s lawyer announced this to the AFP news agency on Monday. Your client Donald Neely is “not just about the money”. He is concerned with what is “wrong and right for all people”.

Neely was arrested in Galveston in August 2019 for trespassing on property. He was handcuffed and the officers then attached the rope. The officers on horses then led him through the city center, where several people took photos of the incident.

Performed like a slave

Recordings of the incident distributed on the Internet caused great outrage. The images brought back memories of racist violence in US history, such as the chaining of slaves and black lynching. In the current complaint, Neely described his treatment as “extreme and egregious”. For him it felt as if he was being brought before the slaves, it says.

At the time of the incident, Neely, who is suffering from mental problems, was homeless. Galveston Police Chief Vernon Hale apologized at the time for the officers’ actions. These exhibited “poor judgment” and inflicted “unnecessary shame” on Neely. Nonetheless, the police chief emphasized that the method is a “trained technique” which in certain cases is the “best approach”.

Debate about police violence against black people

The debate about excessive police violence against blacks has increased significantly in the United States in recent months. Since the death of the African American George Floyd at the end of May during a brutal police operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota, protests have taken place, some of which lead to violence. The issue also plays a big role in the campaign for the November 3 presidential election, in which incumbent Donald Trump competes against Democrat Joe Biden.

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