Bloody independence celebration: 150 dead in 400 shootings in the USA

Bloody independence celebration: 150 dead in 400 shootings in the USA

Bloody independence celebration

150 dead in 400 shootings in the USA

Actually, the Americans celebrate themselves and their independence around July 4th, but there are also enormous outbreaks of violence with many deaths every year. This time, 150 people fell victim to shootings, especially many in Chicago and New York.

The weekend for the independence celebrations in the USA was very bloody. Nationwide there were more than 400 shootings over the three days, in which at least 150 people died, said the Gun Violence Archive.

14 people were shot dead in the violence-ridden US metropolis of Chicago over the weekend. A total of 88 people were injured by firearms around Independence Day on July 4th, the authorities announced on Monday (local time). Five children and two police officers were among the injured. The third largest city in the United States recorded 774 murders last year, making it the second deadliest year in two decades. Although the number of shootings in June fell two percent year-over-year, the death toll is 14 percent higher than the same month last year.

On holiday weekends, violence breaks out in Chicago and other major cities more than usual. Last year on July 4, 17 people died and 87 were injured by firearms in the city on Lake Michigan. However, the 2020 holiday weekend comprised four days, this year only three.

In New York, too, there were 26 dead in 21 shootings. Half of them died right on July 4th. Throughout the year, the number of shootings is around 40 percent higher than in the previous year. In “The Big Apple” in 2021 so far 885 fatalities are to be mourned.

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