Bloom boasts a rare family photo of Perry with his son

Bloom boasts a rare family photo of Perry with his son

The idyll reigning in the family of an actor and singer arouses the envy of others.

Actor Orlando Bloom provoked the envy of his own audience by sharing a rare family photo of his beloved bride Katy Perry with children. Despite the fact that the lovers have been sharing one bed for several years now, they are in no hurry to reveal the details of their family life.

Only occasionally do the paparazzi delight the fans of the couple with joint pictures of Katie and Orlando, taken on the sly. This time, Bloom decided to pamper his own audience in person, showing how Katie interacts with his son from his marriage to model Miranda Kerr.

In the frame, the happy head of the family proudly leads his own wife and son, holding their hands. A very adult Flynn bent forward a little on purpose to see not only his dad, but also his stepmother.

“Family is love,” the actor signed the photo.

“It’s so touching that I don’t even know what to say”, “Who took the picture? Could it be another kid? “,” The sweetest family in the world “,” Excuse me, but I can’t help but say this: his son’s legs are like cigarettes. Sorry again “, – the followers shared their opinions in the comments.

Photo source: Legion-media

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