Bob Arum – on the words about Crawford’s loss: “I don’t care if his team is mad at me. What did I say wrong?”


The head of the Top Rank promoter Bob Arum said he did not intend to give up his position on the loss of WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford, despite the reaction of the star American team.

“I don’t care if his team is mad at me. Business is not about how people get mad. What did I say wrong? Facts and reality are important in business. I’ll show Crawford how much we lost in his fights. No longer in the business of losing money because of Terence Crawford If we fight Errol Spence, Crawford wins and Al Haymon wants to sign him – please, for heaven’s sake.

In other words, I will no longer go into my pocket for Crawford. I don’t have to make a lot from his fight with Spence, but I know that I need to make the fight break even or make a small profit. I will no longer lose money because of Crawford, “Bob Arum told The Athletic.

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