Bob Arum stated that Valdez would not have agreed to fight with Berchelt, if not for his coach


The head of the Top Rank promotion company Bob Arum believes that Oscar Valdez would never have agreed to a fight with the WBC featherweight champion Miguel Berchelt, if his coach had not convinced his ward that he could win.

Note that Berchelt is listed among the bookmakers as a fairly big favorite in the fight with Valdez, who recently changed the weight category, vacating the title in the featherweight division. At the same time, Arum, who is the promoter of both boxers, feels incredible confidence from Valdez, who trains under the guidance of Eddie Reinoso, better known for his work with Mexican boxing superstar Saul Alvarez.

“They are both really confident in their abilities,” Arum told “Berchelt and his people have no doubts about the victory. While Valdez gave his consent to the fight only based on the advice of Reinoso, who is very well versed in boxing.

By and large, he [Вальдес] motivated by the fact that Eddie Reinoso gave him the keys to defeating Burchelt. Eddie saw something in Berchelt that Valdez could use. “

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