Bob Arum: “This week we will know if a Pacquiao-Crawford fight can be arranged.”


The head of the Top Rank promotion company Bob Arum announced the emergence of potential organizers of the fight between the WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford and the legendary Manny Pacquiao. According to him, there were people willing to pay well for the right to hold this fight.

“Two weeks ago, Kenny Porter came to our office to talk about Crawford’s fight with Sean Porter. Then all of a sudden there was an idea for a terrific bout payout that made the Pacquiao-Crawford fight possible.

Of course, this fight will bring Terence more money. Crawford would have preferred a duel with Pacquiao to everyone else. Let’s see how everything goes. This week we will know if a Pacquiao-Crawford fight can be arranged. If that doesn’t happen, since Errol Spence obviously doesn’t want to fight Crawford, I think Terence’s fight with Porter will be amazing.

Yes, Spence doesn’t want to fight. Crawford wants to fight him, but Spence has clearly said out loud that he doesn’t want to fight him, “said Bob Arum.

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