British Prime Minister Signs Brexit Agreement

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Boris Johnson called the signing of a document on Britain’s exit from the European Union “a fantastic moment” for the country

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed the Brexit historic agreement, which paves the way for the country to exit the EU next Friday, January 31. This was reported on Friday by the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

Johnson hoped that the signing of the agreement “will put an end to too many years of controversy and disagreement.”

On Friday, EU leaders signed a document in Brussels. The agreement was then taken to the Prime Minister’s London residence on Downing Street by train.

The signing of the agreement marks another step in the ratification of Brexit. This week, the British Parliament approved the provision on the country’s exit from the EU. The European Parliament will vote for the agreement on January 29.

Representatives of Downing Street said the prime minister signed an agreement with the Parker fountain pen, in accordance with the tradition of signing important government documents.

The signing was attended by representatives of the European Union and the British Foreign Ministry, including David Frost, who heads the Prime Minister’s team in the Brexit negotiations. The signing of the [agreement] is a fantastic moment that finally sums up the 2016 referendum; this will put an end to too many years of controversy and disagreement, ”Johnson said.

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