British promoter: “White has the brain of a five-year-old child”


British promoter with Russian roots, Albert Siesta, said that his compatriot Dillian White took offense at him because he predicted his defeat in both fights against Russian heavyweight Alexander Povetkin.

“We have a bad relationship. Dillian was very offended by me. We had a warm relationship, but my patriotism prevailed over our friendship, and I began to pull grease everywhere, shouting that Povetkin would knock him out.

Sasha knocked him out in the first fight, and then, in my next forecast, when I described all this, I got a message from Dillian in WhatsApp: “What an asshole you are.” I wanted to say: “I hear from the asshole,” but then I felt sorry for him, after all, the guy was knocked out. I asked: “Why do you take this seriously? I just hype. I gather people for you to see them. This is my personal opinion. Why are you offended?”

In fact, White has the brain of a five-year-old child. He is very vulnerable, insecure, and therefore he was offended. I think everything will be fine. Moreover, now he is on the hype, at the height, he knocked out Povetkin, “- said Albert Siesta on the air of the AlSiestaOnline program.

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