Britney Spears’ bleak future outlined by attorney

Britney Spears’ bleak future outlined by attorney

Even a marriage contract will not save a star from trouble.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari announced their engagement yesterday. But the joy was darkened by the singer’s fans and colleagues, who reminded the pop princess of the need for a marriage contract. After all, she had already suffered more than once because of men.

The singer hastened to reassure her surroundings that everything will be all right. Only in her case, no contract guarantees her peace and safety. After being declared incapacitated in 2008, marriage could be a trap any second.

Alexander Ostrovsky, an honorary lawyer of Russia, commented on the situation especially for the PopCornNews portal. The lawyer noted that now the star has human rights activists who will monitor the situation if she does not terminate the contractual relationship with them. But there are no guarantees anyway. If a person was once recognized as incapacitated, then it is very easy for him to ruin his life.

“She can spend her whole life in the courts. Alternating between courts and psychiatric clinics. The presence of a psychiatric diagnosis is always a very shaky base, which can always be challenged, prescribed examinations, and so on, ”explained Alexander Ostrovsky.

The lawyer also warned about another risk:

“Usually smart husbands do it differently. They involve their wife in some kind of commercial project, which deliberately burns out and the money dissolves. “

So in the case of Britney Spears, the dangers are much greater than one might think. It remains to be hoped that all this knowledge will never be useful to her again.

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