Britney Spears embarrassed social networks with a creepy photo with a baby: “The devil is in the details”


Fans are extremely perplexed by the singer’s latest publications.

Britney Spears continues to scare Instagram followers with her posts. This time, the singer posted a creepy picture, which depicts a woman with a baby, which has an empty skull instead of a head.

“The devil is in the details … I would not want this kid to get to me again,” – wrote Britney and put at the end of the recording three emoji laughing to tears.

The singer’s fans were completely confused by this post. Before that, they spent several days unraveling Spears’ publications dedicated to something “red.” Someone found out that this picture is the cover of the Euphoria album of black metal band Margaret Read.

“What started again?” “I searched on Google and found nothing else. How did Britney find this picture? This group has nothing to do with it “,” I can not imagine that Britney listens to black metal “,” This is 100% some kind of sign “,” Maybe they killed her? ” – the puzzled fans are discussing.

Interestingly, after this publication, Spears posted a post in which she called herself a vampire. Britney posted a video in which she looks a little pale and thinner, and wrote: “I am an extremely creepy looking vampire.”

And yet, in addition to conspiracy suspicions, there is an opinion that Britney is finally preparing some kind of creative project and thus intrigues her audience.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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