Britney Spears’ father explained her strange behavior

Britney Spears’ father explained her strange behavior

The pop princess will not be able to independently manage her life.

In court documents, Jamie Spears revealed his daughter’s dire diagnosis. The 39-year-old singer has been diagnosed with dementia, reports The Sun.

The star’s father believes that due to the illness of his daughter, constant care is required. Dementia sufferers have impaired ability to think, orientate in time and space, and memory deteriorate. It is impossible to completely cure this ailment. When Britney was diagnosed with this is unknown.

Since 2007, the star of the music charts has repeatedly undergone treatment in psychiatric clinics and rehabilitation centers, after which she lost custody of her sons.

Spooky diagnosis: Britney Spears' father explained her strange behavior

For more than 12 years, her father has made key decisions in Britney’s life, including controlling finances. The star has repeatedly tried to challenge the court decision on custody of her, but so far all her attempts have been unsuccessful.

Britney recently tried to reassure her fans who are worried about her health and find oddities in her Instagram posts. In response to the concerns of fans, the singer recorded a short video in which she announced that she was “in perfect order and happy.”

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