“Buddy” McGirt: “Shakur Stevenson only fights with the” right “guys


The famous American coach James “Buddy” McGirt “walked” in one of his last interviews on the former featherweight champion (up to 57.2 kg) and compatriot Shakur Stevenson (15-0-0, 8 KO).

“I like Shakur. I have known him since childhood, and I am pleased with his success. But there is one phrase that old school guys often say: “He is protected.” The promoters put him up against the “right” guys, and he fights them. On paper, these fights look competitive, but on the jelly itself, they are not.

Why is this happening? They are trying to delay the big fight. Because as soon as he gets to him, everything will be over. He won’t beat Teofimo [Лопеса], he will be knocked out. This fight will not go beyond the seventh round, ”McGirt said.

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