Buster Douglas spoke about the moment when he realized that victory over Tyson was inevitable


James “Buster” Douglas in an interview with djvlad told about what is happening in his head at the key moments of the fight against Mike Tyson.

“Because I kept pounding, responding to his punches and eventually chatting to him. In the ninth round, I also hit him so well that he went into his corner, dragging his feet. Because, in fact, at that time we already exchanged blows at close range. No, my head was fresh, there was no smell of shock.

Somehow I didn’t think about the advantage on the judges’ cards, because the course of the fight spoke of everything. The realization of victory did not come to me exactly until the moment when the referee said “10”. In general, I thought that the end would be already in the 8th round, because I caught such a wave that at some point I allowed myself to stop throwing punches, and, as it were, I said: “Well, what do you say now?” … So he answered me with a right uppercut – bam.

Anyway, I thought that he would rise, until he began to try to lift the mouthpiece, then I realized that he was no longer himself. I roughly figured that while he was trying to take the mouthguard, the score would already be about 7-8 or 9. If he just went up, he would buy time for himself – while the referee lifts the mouthguard, while inserting it. But he reached for the mouthpiece. ”

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