Callum Johnson scores Emil Markic in the second round


The evening of boxing from the British promoter Frank Warren ended at the York Hall in London.

In the undercard duel, ex-light heavyweight title contender (up to 79.4 kg), 35-year-old Briton Callum Johnson (18-1-0, 13 KO) met with 38-year-old Croatian athlete Emil Markic (32-2-0, 24 KO).

Competitive confrontation, as expected, did not work out.

The fighters got into a fight without reconnaissance, Markich even managed to break Johnson’s nose, but he got off with a cut near his eye.

In the 2nd round, the Briton drove the opponent to the ropes, from where he, for some reason, categorically refused to leave, and casually beat him to the signal of the referee. Johnson WHO 2.

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