Canelo: “I dropped out of school when I was young to box”

Canelo: “I dropped out of school when I was young to box”

According to the world champion in four weight categories, Saul Alvarez, in order to combine training and work, at one time he had to quit school. The boxer does not regret it, realizing that it helped him achieve success in sports, however, he does not tell his children this and requires them to be diligent in their studies.

“I never liked going to school. I went there simply because I had to do it. When I made my professional debut at 15, I was in the eighth grade. I was lonely at the time. It’s been two years since my parents divorced. I could decide what I would do and said that I did not want to study anymore, because it was very difficult to train and combine it with work with my father. I decided to devote myself to what I want to do – work and boxing. “

“Dad was very angry. He didn’t want to give his permission for me to become a boxer. I ran away from work, where I worked with him and he scolded me very much. I told him: “You know, let you get angry, let you hit me, but whatever you do, I will never quit boxing. You will have to be angry all your life, because I will not give up this occupation. “

“Of course I’m glad I dropped out of school. In general, I don’t regret it. But of course, I don’t tell my children about this. They have to learn. I tell the children that in my case the circumstances were different. Now I have the opportunity to give my children a better school and, perhaps, a better life, or by my own example show how I lived. “

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