Capitol storm was the turning point: Pence goes on a confrontation course with Trump


Capitol Storm was the turning point
Pence goes on a confrontation course with Trump

Shortly before the change of power in the White House, Trump faces impeachment proceedings. US Vice President Mike Pence plays a crucial role in this. Since the storm on the Capitol, the relationship between the president and his deputy has been shattered.

Since moving into the White House, US President Donald Trump has always been able to count on the unconditional loyalty of his deputy Mike Pence. While numerous ministers and advisors have fallen out of favor with Trump in the past four years, Pence stood by the impulsive president at the side of the impulsive president in his term of office, which was full of affairs and scandals.

But the storming of the Capitol by militant Trump supporters marked a turning point: Since then, the Vice President has refused to obey his superior. Shortly before the end of Trump’s mandate, the relationship between the two Republicans is apparently broken.

“Vice President Pence has gone from being one of Donald Trump’s most loyal followers to the number one public enemy in Trump’s world,” said Republican MP Adam Kinzinger. Pence had condemned the riot in the congress building last week and stood against Trump’s demand to prevent the certification of the election result.

Trump doesn’t care about pence’s wellbeing

Instead, Pence, who is also the chairman of the Senate, formally confirmed the election victory of Democrat Joe Biden at the congressional session. Since then, there has been radio silence between Trump and his deputy, as reported by the US media. According to this, Pence does not even rule out Trump, as demanded by the Democrats, before the end of his term in office. Amendment 25 to the US Constitution enables the Vice President, together with the Cabinet, to remove the President if they consider him incapable of office.

Trump had incited his supporters on Wednesday by repeating his completely unsubstantiated claim that there had been massive fraud in the presidential election in November. He urged his supporters to march on the Capitol. Militant Trump supporters then broke into the congress building and MPs had to be brought to safety. A total of five people died in the rioting in and around the Capitol.

For Pence, too, the situation was threatening. Angry Trump supporters shouted that he should be hanged. But even these death threats did not seem to prompt the president to make sure his deputy was safe. Instead, Trump blamed him for his loyalty to the constitution. “Mike Pence did not have the courage to do what was necessary to protect our country and our constitution,” was Trump’s devastating judgment.

Pence’s willingness to take part in the swearing-in ceremony for future President Biden on January 20, in accordance with political customs, is likely to be a thorn in Trump’s side. The president himself has already made it clear that he will stay away from Biden’s inauguration – regardless of his announcement that he will ensure a “smooth, orderly and seamless” transfer of power.

The politically experienced in the White House

The division of labor between Trump and Pence in the White House had worked for years. The president called his deputy a “solid rock”. As head of the Corona task force, Pence also held up his head when anger over the crisis management of Trump’s government in the pandemic boiled.

Pence was seen as the opposite of the impulsive president. Over the years he developed a good routine explaining Trump’s policies and smoothing out the waves his boss created. The ex-governor and longtime congressman contributed the political experience that the former real estate entrepreneur lacked. As an evangelical Christian, the vice also represented an important link to the religious right.

Pence are said to have ambitions for the 2024 presidential candidacy. It is unclear whether he will survive the escalation of violence at the end of Trump’s term of office politically unscathed.

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